Case studies available upon request.

UX Content Designer

Created and aligned a Content Strategy framework to support and transition the redesign of a healthcare quality self-serve insights platform for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Developed the end-to-end experience for internal-facing content across all consumption channels.

UX Strategy

At Groove, my main focus is on creating amazing experiences for our client's.  With an emphasis on consumer research, I craft unique and rewarding experiences that meet people where they are.

UX Researcher, Consumer Panel

As a fierce customer advocate, I spearheaded the research for the PayPal online marketing team and directed all research with the PayPal Consumer Panel.  Comprised of 800 PayPal customers, this innovative panel provided real-time feedback on new PayPal experiences and programs.

Creative Leader

An innovative leader, I broke new ground at AOL by merging direct-mail principles with digital campaigns for immediate results and real-time optimization.  It being the early 90's, this became the foundation of modern eCommerce UX design.